Investigating Climate and Air Quality in Atlanta

The smog of downtown Atlanta (Photo credit: Ben Ramey/CC BY-SA 2.0)

We’re investigating how climate change is affecting air quality, pollution, and health with a focus on Atlanta, Georgia in the United StatesInspired by the latest in climate and science communications, “Climate Change Is in the Air” explores how shifting weather patterns affect respiratory health. Specifically, the project analyzes ground-level ozone, wildfire emissions, and aeroallergens through three interdisciplinary methods:

  • We unpack the science behind both the atmospheric and natural processes that affect air quality, and how air pollutants enter and affect our bodies.
  • We share the stories from real people that are being affected by the changing air.
  • And we offer solutions on what the world is currently doing, what we should be doing, and what you can be doing to address these issues.

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